Hyperhidrosis: why it occurs, how to deal with its manifestations
The hot season is coming soon. This means that for many people, excessive sweating will again become an urgent problem, as well as all the troubles associated with such a condition. Perspiration is attributed to the physiological processes by which water-salt metabolism occurs in the body. Body temperature is also regulated by sweating.
Sticky film with povidone-iodine in the service of coloproctology surgeons
As the operating surgeons noted, this film is a high-quality alternative to foreign analogues, which are more expensive in price, and many are even unavailable for purchase.
Event on the prevention and treatment of bedsores for social workers
On March 29, a productive meeting with social workers took place in the city of Khimki near Moscow.
Wet corn: why it appears, how to treat it
A wet corn is called a bubble that contains a transparent liquid inside. It forms on the skin due to its damage as a result of prolonged friction. Most often, this type of calluses is formed on the feet, in places that are in close contact with shoes.
Dermatitis: types of pathology and their treatment
Dermatitis is called inflammation of the skin, which occurs due to the effect of any irritant on them. The disease has different causes of development and manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. It is usually accompanied by itching, dryness of the skin or a rash.