Nosebleed: causes, first aid algorithm
Nosebleed is a pathological condition that manifests itself by the release of blood from the nasal passages. It appears if the walls of small blood vessels that are located in the mucous membrane are damaged.
Burn injuries
What are burn injuries, what does the therapy tactics depend on? What is the first aid to the victim?
Wounds requiring special attention
The long-awaited summer is coming, with it comes warmth. Many people go to nature and go to dachas. At the same time, the risk of injury increases.
Fainting condition: what is typical for him, how to help the victim
Summer heat and stuffiness will come soon. At this time, many people overheat in stuffy rooms and are in conditions of lack of oxygen. In such conditions, they often lose consciousness. They develop a fainting condition. Sudden loss of consciousness requires immediate first aid to a person.
Aerogel Hitokol ® is being tested at the "Kommunarka" medical complex
Biomedical holding Evers Group Rus has started pilot testing of aerogel for the treatment of superficial and deep wounds Hitocol ® in the capital's medical complex "Kommunarka".