Sets of Medical Bactericidal Sterile Patches with Active silver ions

They are used as an external antiseptic dressing for small cuts, abrasions, scratches and other minor skin lesions in adults and children.

Benefits of HELP patches

  • Atraumatic pad with high absorbency.
  • Breathable, flesh-colored polymer base Comfortable to wear.
  • Moisture resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Provides secure fixation without sticking to the wound.
  • Easily removed from the surface of the skin, leaving no traces of glue.
  • Easy to use, including medical gloves, do not stick to them.

Silver in ionic form has a bactericidal, pronounced antifungal and antiseptic effect and serves as a highly effective disinfectant against pathogenic microorganisms that cause acute infections.

The sets are presented in the following versions:

  • Hemostatic "Hemostatic"*
  • Universal "Universal"
  • Children's "Kid's"

* Hemostatic patches contain silver ions and calcium alginate in the absorbent pad.


Размеры "Hemostatic"
Размеры "Universal"
Размеры "Kid’s"

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