Burns: what they are and how to provide first aid
Burns: what they are and how to provide first aid
мар 27, 2024

Burns are considered the most dangerous injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. They require quick first aid. The correct behavior of those who were close to the victim in the first minutes after receiving injury can save his life.

Failure to provide first aid for burn injuries leads to serious complications. Infection develops, the formation of rough scar tissue and even death are possible. Therefore, knowledge and skills in providing first aid for burns are a necessary condition for preventing severe consequences of thermal injuries.

What is a burn injury, what are its degrees

A burn is damage to the skin and underlying tissues that is caused by exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, electricity or radiation. These injuries come in varying degrees of severity; determining this parameter is important for choosing the right treatment tactics.

The degree of damage is determined depending on the depth of damage to the skin:

  1. First. It is characterized by hyperemia (redness) of the damaged part of the body, slight swelling and painful sensations. The epidermis (the top layer of skin) is damaged, but the tissue below is not affected.
  2. Second. It is characterized by the formation of blisters, severe pain, redness and swelling. The epidermis and part of the dermis (middle layer of skin) are damaged.
  3. Third. Deep damage occurs to all layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The surface of the affected area becomes dark or white, and ulcers form. The nerve endings are damaged, so the victim does not feel pain.

There is also a fourth degree burn, which affects all layers of skin, muscles, bones and other tissues. The victim experiences a feeling of numbness in the affected part of the body due to nerve damage.

Identification of the degree of burn is important in order to then take adequate measures to provide emergency care and organize further treatment. If such damage occurs, it is important to immediately seek medical help to minimize the likelihood of complications and ensure rapid recovery of the affected tissue.

How to provide assistance

A quick and correct reaction to burns contributes to a quick recovery. This will prevent serious health consequences from developing. When providing first aid for burn injuries, the following steps must be followed:

  1. It is necessary to immediately stop exposure of the source of the burn to the fabric and remove clothing from the area of ​​the body that was exposed to high temperatures or chemicals.
  2. Rinse the burned surface with cool water for several minutes to stop the heating of the tissues and reduce pain.
  3. Do not apply ointments, oils or other products to the burn site, as this may worsen the condition.
  4. It is necessary to cover the burned area with a soft, dry bandage, or just with a clean cloth when nothing else is at hand. You can apply an Evers Life-gel bandage to the wound surface. It will provide a bactericidal, wound-healing, and analgesic effect.

You should seek medical help immediately if the burn covers a large area of the body, is deep or open, or is on the face, neck, arms, legs or groin area.

The victim should be taken to a doctor immediately after first aid, so that he can determine the extent of skin damage and prescribe appropriate treatment. The specialist will provide recommendations for further care of the damaged area and preventing the development of complications.

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