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— New products —

The patch is a combined product that includes a fixing part based on a transparent polyurethane film with an adhesive layer and a frame made of siliconized paper.
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It is an atraumatic rectangular polyester mesh impregnated with a therapeutic ointment mixture.

An ointment base made of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) is an active regenerating composition, the action is based on stopping the process of bacterial proliferation while completely preserving the hydrolipidic film on the surface of damaged skin.

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The bandage is made of porous elastic polyurethane foam covered with a polymer mesh with silver ions in contact with the skin, providing a more hygienic environment.

The bandage is made in the shape of a bowl for comfortable use in problem areas. The design of the bandage allows for a good fit around the elbow and heel area.
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Designed to provide emergency assistance for sun and thermal burns.


  • relieves pain, itching, irritation, redness in the area of skin damaged after a burn;
  • disinfects and promotes rapid healing of the skin;
  • convenient form of storage and use in the form of an aerosol;
  • due to the presence of chitosan, it does not cause an immune reaction in the body;
  • no age restrictions.

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Designed for fixing dressings and medical devices. Due to the superficial adhesion of the subsequent layers to each other, it provides excellent fixation of the bandage.
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It is used for fixing compresses, tampons, voluminous and tight-fitting postoperative dressings and coverings. It is used for catheters, cannulas, probes, tubes, endotracheal or throat tubes, other medical devices and postoperative and wound surfaces that require secure fixation. More detailed →

They are used as an external antiseptic dressing for small cuts, abrasions, scratches and other minor skin injuries in adults and children. More detailed →

The use of the spray allows medical personnel to obtain the necessary time interval (at least 5 days) to select a special mattress with anti-bedsore properties for the patient or to provide him with sufficient time in an upright position. If necessary, the spray can be used in combination with an anti-bedsore mattress on a permanent basis. More detailed →

It is prescribed to prevent excessive scar tissue formation, reduce redness, itching, and tight skin sensation. Promotes normalization of the scar formation process. Provides balanced epithelization of the skin, its restoration without scars and scars. More detailed →

Means in the form of a biologically active gel for complex skin care, prone to various forms of psoriasis, dry eczema, keratosis, in the presence of cracks and combed places on the skin. More detailed →

A means to prevent the appearance of bedsores in bedridden patients in the form of a non-woven cloth soaked with a mixture of dimexide, salicylic acid and aluminum chloride. More detailed →

CHITOKOL is intended for the treatment of infected wounds of various depths (from superficial to deep), such as abrasions, cuts, bruised and lacerated wounds, trophic ulcers and bedsores, burns of II-III degree of various etiologies, as well as to accelerate the epithelization of foci of erosions and ulcers on the skin; for temporary closure after surgical treatment of burn wounds III degree in order to prepare for autodermoplasty. This remedy can be used at all stages of the wound process, as well as with sluggish long-term non-healing wounds of various etiologies. More detailed →

Non-woven sterile medical napkins are intended for use as ready—made surgical dressings, for applying bandages, draining wounds, during dressings and operations, for tamponade to stop bleeding and drainage, as well as to protect wounds or altered skin surface from environmental influences - fixed with a bandage or medical patch. To ensure complete safety, the edges of the napkins are folded inside, do not crumble. Radiation sterilization. More detailed →

Purpose: first aid for injuries in children and adults Treatment of burns, cuts, abrasions, wet calluses, aseptic surgical wounds, cracks, trophic ulcers, bedsores.

Fields of application: in outpatient departments, at home, when traveling.

Composition features: hypoallergenic. Due to the organosilicon compound, which has no analogues in nature, it does not cause an immune response in the body. It has a cooling effect. More detailed →

Interview with the CEO
Borodina Alice Anatolyevna

We are responsible for what we produce...

Why have we been producing dressings for more than 20 years?


To make all this a reality, the company employs more than 300 people: weavers, warpers, pommasters, operators, mechanics, packers, everything those whose hands produce our products.

In addition to traditional dressings, we produce modern, easy-to-use and have a good effect wound dressings, alcohol napkins, napkins with ammonia, hemostatic and anti-burn wipes, fixing bandages.

The production of modern products is predetermined by the trend in world medicine, which follows the path of safety, functionality and efficiency. We are sure that the more we do in this direction, the more people will be satisfied with the results of our work, the higher the quality of life in our country will be.

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