How to stop the blood when cutting?
How to stop the blood when cutting?
апр 18, 2019

What should I do if I cut myself? How to stop the blood quickly?

We meet with cuts in everyday life very often. Any carelessness when working with sharp edges of a knife, razor blade, broken glass can result in violation of the integrity of the skin and bleeding. In most cases, medical intervention is not necessary, but it is necessary to know how to stop the blood during a cut, treat the wound and promote its rapid healing

What should I direct my actions at the cut?

Any help with the appearance of a wound should include measures:

  • on stopping blood during a cut;
  • to prevent the introduction of dangerous microorganisms into the wound surface.

The injury causes mechanical damage to the vessels, so blood flows for a while. There is its own protective mechanism for gluing platelets and stopping bleeding. However, this takes time. To speed up wound healing, prevent the ingress of germs, anesthetize and quickly stop the blood, use EversLife Hemo.

If the wound is superficial:

We get small cuts from the blade of a knife, razor, claws of cats. Fingers are most often affected. The developed surface blood supply system of the hands and feet always causes bleeding with external injuries.

After the cut, you need to:

  • Substitute the injured part of the body under a cold stream of water. This will help to wash the wound, if the contamination is not strong, and will contribute to vasoconstriction.
  • Press clean with a napkin the injured finger and hold for 5-6 minutes. Compression helps the development of thrombosis of small vessels and stops bleeding.
  • Treat the edges of the wound with green paint and paste bactericidal patch for several hours.
  • You can disinfect with a solution of hydrogen peroxide by wetting a cotton swab and applying it to the wound.
  • Or just apply a bandage "EversLife Hemo", which will quickly stop bleeding, prevent the ingress of germs, anesthetize and promote wound healing.

What not to do:

If you cut your hand until it bleeds and are unable to clean the wound from glass fragments or other substances, you should not try to expand the edges of the wound yourself and remove the contamination. It is necessary to apply a tight pressure bandage and urgently consult a doctor.

In case of contamination of the cut:

Cuts can occur when working in the garden, when bathing in reservoirs (on glass or a shell at the bottom). In this case, the risk of infection increases significantly, even if the cut is shallow. The stronger the cut, the more carefully you should treat the treatment. Washing the wound with ordinary water is not enough. You need to use any solution or wipes with antiseptic. The edges of the wound should be treated with green paint, a sterile pressure bandage should be applied, the limb should be given rest and given an elevated position.

If the bleeding does not stop, or there is a danger that the wound is not sufficiently treated for infection, you should consult a surgeon. He will check the condition of the wound and perform additional treatment.

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