Mesh type ointment dressings: their characteristics and advantages
Mesh type ointment dressings: their characteristics and advantages
мая 02, 2024

The Russian manufacturer, Evers Company, which is a resident of the Dubna SEZ, has started producing innovative products. Its employees have developed and marketed sterile mesh bandages impregnated with a healing ointment that promotes wound healing.

The plant plans to produce more than 40 thousand units of such medical devices every month. They will soon be tested in the surgical departments of large medical institutions in Moscow and the region.

What are these unique dressings

Ointment mesh bandages are special medical products that look like a rectangular polyester mesh. It is impregnated with a medicinal composition that includes silver, aluminum chloride, copper, selenium or zinc.

These substances enhance the natural regeneration abilities of the skin. They also prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the tissues. The active ingredients prevent blood poisoning, suppuration, accelerate cell regeneration and prevent the formation of scars.

Mesh-based ointment dressings are used to provide care for the following types of wounds:

  • burns;
  • postoperative wounds;
  • bedsores;
  • cracks;
  • surfaces after skin grafting;
  • ulcers and others.

The mesh structure of the bandages provides good ventilation and the ability to drain exudate (fluid released from the wound). The products have good breathability and the ability to pass moisture.

Mesh bandages are available in five sizes. There are four different versions of the ointment composition. Polyester mesh has adsorbing properties, its base is chemically inert. It plays the role of a kind of implant and gradually secretes a healing ointment into the wound.

What are the advantages of dressings

Ointment mesh bandages will serve as an important tool in the treatment process. They have a number of advantages over traditional ready-made dressings. These products provide effective wound protection, which promotes rapid healing and recovery.

Ointment mesh bandages have good ventilation, which contributes to better air circulation. They are easy to place even on damage with a complex surface. This ensures a good fit to the patient's body, which makes the dressings more comfortable to use.

Another important advantage of such medical devices is the ability to maintain optimal moisture in the wound, which promotes rapid healing and reduces the risk of scarring.

The use of ointment mesh dressings is an effective and convenient method of treating skin damage, which provides optimal conditions for wound healing and reduces the patient's recovery time.