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Fixing patch-bandage with an absorbent pad with a cut in the middle (catheter patch) - used for reliable fixation of indwelling and intravenous catheters, cannulas and other medical devices. The medical fixing plaster is intended for patients with normal and sensitive skin. You can order products by email: You can buy these products at...

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Self-adhesive tape in various designs: fabric, polymer and silk bases. Fixes easily and tightly. The hypoallergenic patch is suitable for use in patients with both normal and sensitive skin. Used for continuous fixation of all types of dressings on postoperative and wound surfaces (including large ones), complex dressings on joints, moving and round parts...

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Used for fixing compresses, tampons, bulky and tight-fitting postoperative dressings and coverings. Used for catheters, cannulas, probes, tubes, endotracheal or throat tubes, other medical devices and post-operative and wound surfaces that require reliable fixation. Hypoallergenic fixing plaster in a roll made of white non-woven material with...