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Non-adhesive polyurethane foam bandage with silver ions

The bandage is made of porous elastic polyurethane foam covered with a polymer mesh with silver ions in contact with the skin, providing a more hygienic environment.

The bandage is made in the shape of a bowl for comfortable use in problem areas. The design of the bandage allows for a good fit around the elbow and heel area.


  • The outer polyurethane film is highly breathable.
  • Creates an optimal humid environment.
  • Has high absorbency.
  • Simple and comfortable use in problem areas such as the heel, elbow, toes and others.
  • The absence of an adhesive layer minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

Features of application

  1. Treat the wound surface.
  2. If there is pain and severe inflammation, apply wound healing gel EversLife-Gel and/or wound coating Hitocol®.
  3. Apply a sterile sorption napkin (for example, Evers Life or Angel ).
  4. Place a non-adhesive polyurethane foam bandage on the heel (or other area), if necessary secure with a fixing plaster.
Compositions Polyurethane film, polyurethane foam, silver.
Size 120 x 130 mm

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