Fixing patch-bandage for catheters: features and advantages
Modern standards of medical care require frequent catheterization. This procedure, which involves the installation of catheters and cannulas into the lumen of a vessel or cavity of the human body. The procedure is necessary to repeatedly administer medications to the patient.
What dressings and ready-made bandages should be purchased for the first aid kit of a serviceman in the area of his
Going to the zone of a special military operation, it is necessary to provide and prepare a first aid kit for first aid.
Sterile gauze napkins: features and advantages of use in medical practice
Sterile and non-sterile gauze dressings are actively used in medicine in large quantities. Gauze is a cotton fabric having a sparse structure and a simple plain weave.
Modern bandages
Advantages of modern bandages made of high-tech materials. Features of products under the trademark "Angel".
Self-fixing bandages: features and benefits
What are the features of modern dressings and what are the advantages of using fixing bandages "Freelast".