Means to prevent the formation of scars: types of drugs and their benefits
Skin damage often leaves traces in the form of ugly scars. The condition of the skin plays an important role in the healing process. When tissue damage occurs, reparative processes are initiated to restore their integrity. With improper care of the injury area in the first days after it is received, the risk of scarring increases significantly.
Winter exacerbation of psoriasis: causes, preventive measures
There are many factors that provoke skin deterioration. Cold is considered one of them. Most patients notice that new plaques appear on their skin in winter. The skin flakes off and dries more strongly.
Frostbite: what is typical for this condition, how to help the victim
It is important to remember that frostbite can be dangerous and immediate medical attention is required. If you experience symptoms of it, it is recommended to cover or warm the frozen areas of the body with warm water, and then seek medical help.
Wound treatment: how to do it correctly, what mistakes are often made
People often get injured in everyday life, doing household chores and sports. They arise in the most unexpected situations. Therefore, each person should be ready to properly treat the damage area. This is very important to prevent infection of tissues and accelerate healing. Improper handling of the wound leads to infection, inflammation and other complications. Consider which people often make mistakes when processing the wound surface. Let'
Burn injuries: what is the first aid to the victim, what mistakes are often made
The help provided immediately after receiving a thermal burn is of great importance. Correct actions minimize the consequences of injury and save the life of the victim. After all, thermal damage often causes shock. Infection quickly gets into the tissues in the damaged areas, other complications arise that can become fatal.