Care for bedridden patients in the heat, how to prevent the development of bedsores
One of the main tasks of people who take care of bedridden patients is to take special care of the cleanliness of their skin in the heat. The patient, bedridden, is not able to take a shower himself every day.
Our company sponsored the entertainment event "Komus 2023 Spartakiad"
On July 15, 2023, the spectacular sports and entertainment event "Komus Spartakiad" took place at the main sports ground of Russia, the Luzhniki Stadium. This event attracted the attention of many people who received a real charge of energy and positivity.
Water corn: why it appears, how to treat it correctly
In hot weather, wet calluses often form on the heels and toes of the foot. Formations occur because strong pressure is exerted on the tissue in this zone or they experience pronounced friction. This serves as a natural reaction of the body, protecting the soft tissues of the foot from further damage.
INNOPROM-2023: make way for domestic producers!
Traditionally, in July, Yekaterinburg opens its doors to the International Industrial Exhibition INNOPROM, the main theme of which was "Sustainable production: renewal strategies".
Sunburn: what are their features, what first aid should be given to the victim
Many people prefer to relax on the beach or near the pool in the heat. Summer passes quickly and everyone wants to have time to enjoy the sun and warmth. Sunbathing undoubtedly brings health benefits. They strengthen the immune system, and also contribute to the production of vitamin D in the skin, which makes bones strong.