Hydrogel, anti-burn dressings
Hydrogel, anti-burn dressings
июн 26, 2021

Thermal lesions of the skin occur quite often in everyday life. After rendering first aid and wound surface treatment requires special wound care to prevent the development of complications.

The purpose of using medical means in this situation is to prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. To do this, you need to carry out regular treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. Then it is required to apply anti-burn napkin "EversLife-SP".

What are these medical devices

Now, along with traditional remedies for the treatment of burns, modern dressings that are already ready for use. Such medical devices not only perfectly absorb wound discharge. They also have a number of additional functions:

  • protect the burn site from dirt and pathogenic microorganisms;
  • accelerate epithelization;
  • absorb and stop the blood;
  • anesthetize the wound;
  • do not injure the wound surface during dressings;
  • minimize the inflammatory process;
  • accelerate cell regeneration;
  • create a favorable environment in the wound for healing.

A modern bandage is a thin and plastic product that surpasses in its qualities the inconvenient multi–layer construction of gauze, ointment and bandage. The hydrogel dressing used for burns is a special material for dressings.

The gel contains a colloidal solution that maintains a moist environment in the wound. Hydrogel is a porous material that swells strongly in water. These dressings are impregnated with active substances, which disinfect the burn wound and contribute to its speedy epithelization.

Features and advantages of anti-burn wipes "EversLife-SP"

The product is made of non-woven material and has a size of 18x13 centimeters. The EversLife-SP napkin is made on the basis of a biologically active low-viscosity hydrogel consisting of a polyelectrolyte chitosan-gelatin substance.

Hydrogel molecules form an active complex with dexpanthenol, chlorhexidine, lidocaine, which disinfect, anesthetize the wound surface and accelerate cell regeneration.

Their wound-healing property is due to the synergistic effect of stimulating the regenerative abilities of soft tissues using a composite mixture of dexpanthenol and chitosan-gelatin complex.

Local anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride is responsible for anesthesia, and chlorhexidine-bigluconate has antimicrobial properties. The tool still has the following qualities:

  • cools the wound surface;
  • creates a moist environment in the wound;
  • provides fast healing.

High-tech wipes for the treatment of burns are comfortable to use. They serve as an ideal means of dressing, which is easy to use at home. During storage and transportation, they do not take up much space.

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