Wet corn: causes, treatment
Wet calluses are defects of the skin that are formed as a result of prolonged mechanical action – pressure or friction on certain areas of the skin. This is a typical condition for areas of the human body that are subject to constant stress, for example, on the palms, soles of the feet, between the toes and on the heels.
How to avoid bedsores in patients and what are the preventive measures
Bedsores are a dangerous complication that occurs in patients who have been lying down for a long time. These lesions of the skin and underlying soft tissues cause pain and contribute to the development of infection. In the most severe cases, they even lead to the death of the patient.
Prevention of hemorrhoids
What is the prevention of hemorrhoids, why is it necessary for patients? How to change your diet, adjust your lifestyle, and take care of the skin in the anal area.
Means to prevent the formation of scars: types of drugs and their benefits
Skin damage often leaves traces in the form of ugly scars. The condition of the skin plays an important role in the healing process. When tissue damage occurs, reparative processes are initiated to restore their integrity. With improper care of the injury area in the first days after it is received, the risk of scarring increases significantly.
Winter exacerbation of psoriasis: causes, preventive measures
There are many factors that provoke skin deterioration. Cold is considered one of them. Most patients notice that new plaques appear on their skin in winter. The skin flakes off and dries more strongly.