Trophic ulcers: possible complications, treatment methods
Trophic ulcer is a defect that forms on the skin or mucous membranes. It occurs when the rejection of already necrotic tissues occurs in this place. Such a pathological formation does not heal well, and also shows a tendency to relapse.
All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference
We invite you to join the All-Russian scientific and practical conference "TOPICAL ISSUES OF WOUND TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF WOUND INFECTION", dedicated to the memory of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor E.M. Mokhov.
Psoriasis: what are the causes of the exacerbation of the disease in the fall, what medications are used for its relief
Psoriasis is a chronically occurring inflammatory disease affecting the skin. It is not dangerous to the patient's life, but it causes him physical and psychological discomfort. It is not yet possible to completely cure this disease.
Exacerbation of acne: why it occurs in the fall, what to do about it
With the onset of autumn, pimples actively appear on the skin, which many people managed to forget about over the summer. In the autumn period, almost all chronic diseases worsen. Acne is no exception.
Exacerbation of eczema in autumn: features and treatment
In autumn, many chronic diseases worsen. Eczema was also no exception. Recently, more and more people are facing its aggravation in the autumn period. This is due to changing weather conditions that cause dry skin and increase sensitivity to irritants.