Capillary bleeding: when it is dangerous, what is the first aid
Most often, a person encounters bleeding from damaged capillaries, which occur with abrasions, shallow cuts and other skin injuries. Many people believe that it is not as dangerous as bleeding from damaged veins or arteries, and is able to pass on its own.
Evers Group Rus solutions for the ambulance service
The participation of the Evers Group Rus team in the exhibition exposition within the framework of the Interregional scientific and practical conference with international participation "Topical issues of organization of ambulance, including specialized ambulance, medical care", which will be held in the Moscow Government building on November 10-11.
Hitocol wound coverings were highly appreciated at the Eighth International Summit of Nurses
Chitocol wound coatings have proven their effectiveness on a large number of patients. The report was made by Nikita O. Somov, assistant of the Department of Faculty Surgery No. 2, Pirogov RNIMU. The surgeon of the Central Hospital of St. Alexy.
Impregnated wipes to prevent bedsores
What are the measures to prevent the development of bedsores? How impregnated wipes to prevent bedsores "Evers-Life" help to prevent their appearance.
Fixing patch-bandage for catheters: features and advantages
Modern standards of medical care require frequent catheterization. This procedure, which involves the installation of catheters and cannulas into the lumen of a vessel or cavity of the human body. The procedure is necessary to repeatedly administer medications to the patient.