Sunburn: what are their features, what first aid should be given to the victim
Many people prefer to relax on the beach or near the pool in the heat. Summer passes quickly and everyone wants to have time to enjoy the sun and warmth. Sunbathing undoubtedly brings health benefits. They strengthen the immune system, and also contribute to the production of vitamin D in the skin, which makes bones strong.
The use of chitosan-containing wound remedies for burns
To your attention is a recording of a speech by Oksana Vladimirovna Vladimirovna, MD, Associate Professor of the Department of General Surgery of Ssmu, surgeon of the Department of Purulent Surgery and Burns of the City Clinical Hospital No. 2, Stavropol.
Open fracture: features of this injury, how to provide first aid
An open fracture is classified as a dangerous condition that threatens a person's life. With such an injury, the bone and nearby soft tissues are damaged. Bone fragments are visible in the resulting rupture of the skin. This type of fracture occurs when an external force acts on the bone in the form of a blow, fall or gunshot wound.
Nosebleed: causes, first aid algorithm
Nosebleed is a pathological condition that manifests itself by the release of blood from the nasal passages. It appears if the walls of small blood vessels that are located in the mucous membrane are damaged.
Burn injuries
What are burn injuries, what does the therapy tactics depend on? What is the first aid to the victim?