Dermatitis: types of pathology and their treatment
Dermatitis is called inflammation of the skin, which occurs due to the effect of any irritant on them. The disease has different causes of development and manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. It is usually accompanied by itching, dryness of the skin or a rash.
Hyperkeratosis: what forms of the disease exist, how they are treated
Keratoses are a group of inflammatory dermatological diseases characterized by a disorder of keratinization of the epidermis. People suffering from this disease form foci of roughened skin on the surface of the limbs and body.
Eczema: its features and treatment
What is eczema, the features of this pathology. What medications treat the disease and what remedy we recommend to use for skin care.
Acne: what kind of pathology is it, what varieties are isolated, how is it treated
What is acne, what types of it are. What medications are used to cope with this problem.
Hemorrhoids: features of symptoms, types of disease and their treatment
Features of the clinical picture of hemorrhoids, its course. Tactics of therapeutic measures. Effective means for the prevention of hemorrhoids.