Why is a talker lotion more effective than other products
Why is a talker lotion more effective than other products
апр 30, 2021

Acne and various inflammations on the face are very difficult to treat. Problems with the health of the skin become a significant reason for the appearance of various psychological problems in girls.

Modern cosmetology offers a huge number of remedies for the treatment of dermatological diseases. One of them was a talker lotion. It has shown excellent effectiveness in the fight for the health of problem skin.

What is this cosmetic product, what are its features

The chatterbox is a type of suspension with components having an anti-inflammatory effect. This form is designed for topical use. It is made in pharmacies or industrially.

The components of the chatterbox are different, but the principle of its manufacture is always the same. The basis of the product is alcohol. The composition also includes boric or salicylic acid, and they also contain mineral and vegetable components. The chatterbox usually includes the following substances:

  • antibiotics;
  • zinc oxide;
  • sulfur;
  • antibacterial agents;
  • calendula tincture;
  • antiseptics;
  • aspirin;
  • alcohols (boric, camphor, salicylic);
  • lanolin;
  • extracts of medicinal herbs;
  • dimexide.

The components in this dosage form include, based on the analysis of the most common causes of acne formation. When choosing such a remedy, it is necessary to consult with a dermatologist.

Zinc talker lotion

Talker lotion refers to highly effective products that are used in the care of problem skin. It is useful when the skin is prone to increased production of sebaceous secretions and the appearance of acne. The product contains active antimicrobial components in its composition: boric and salicylic acid, zinc oxide.

Thanks to the complex effect, the product gently dries the skin areas with the presence of inflammatory elements. Talker lotion removes post-acne, smoothes the surface of the face. Its regular use normalizes the condition of the skin. He carries out the prevention of the appearance of new acne.

It is usually used as an independent remedy, or it can be used as a tonic after washing. With regular use, it is possible to clear the skin of acne and areas of inflammation. Problem areas on the face are carefully dried with a tendency to greasiness and the formation of acne.

Before applying the lotion, the chatterbox must be shaken. Then the cotton pad is abundantly moistened. Wipe the surface of the skin with circular movements. Previously, the face must be cleaned with special means. It is recommended to use it once during the day. After application, a moisturizing gel should be applied to the skin.

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