Acne: what kind of pathology is it, what varieties are isolated, how is it treated
What is acne, what types of it are. What medications are used to cope with this problem.
Hemorrhoids: features of symptoms, types of disease and their treatment
Features of the clinical picture of hemorrhoids, its course. Tactics of therapeutic measures. Effective means for the prevention of hemorrhoids.
Ugly scars on the skin: why they develop, how to prevent them or make them less noticeable
What is a scar, why is rough scar tissue formed? What causes the development of ugly scars? How to prevent their development or make them less noticeable? We answer all these questions in this article.
Psoriasis: causes of the disease, its manifestations and treatment
Psoriasis is a chronic pathology affecting the skin. Less often, pathological changes in this disease occur in the joints, internal organs and nails.
Trophic ulcers: causes of occurrence, methods of treatment
This pathological formation is formed due to a disorder of vascular microcirculation, which occurs due to the impact on the body of a variety of external and internal factors.