How to avoid bedsores in patients and what are the preventive measures
How to avoid bedsores in patients and what are the preventive measures
фев 25, 2024

Bedsores are a dangerous complication that occurs in patients who have been lying down for a long time. These lesions of the skin and underlying soft tissues cause pain and contribute to the development of infection. In the most severe cases, they even lead to the death of the patient.

It is worth taking timely preventive measures to prevent their development. Let's look at what needs to be done to avoid the formation of bedsores in patients, and also provide useful recommendations that will help keep the skin of bedridden patients healthy.

What are bedsores, how are they dangerous

Most often, such lesions of the skin and underlying soft tissues occur in patients who cannot change their body position in bed themselves. Bedsores are classified by degrees. In their formation, they go from the first stage, when the skin becomes red and painful, to the fourth, when soft tissues are damaged to the bones.

The health consequences for patients are often serious if they are not carefully cared for. In case of improper treatment, they will lead to skin damage, infections, purulent processes and even sepsis.

The development of these pathological conditions threatens the patient's health, worsening his quality of life and complicating the recovery process. There are a number of factors that contribute to the occurrence of pressure sores.

The most common of them are prolonged stay in one position, weakened blood supply in vulnerable areas, wet skin, irritation from underwear or bed linen, as well as insufficient nutrition or tissue hydration.


To prevent the appearance of damage, it is important to conduct a skin examination in all patients with limited mobility in order to timely identify early signs of the formation of pressure sores. To prevent them, it is worth taking the following measures:

  1. Periodic changes in body position. This reduces pressure on certain areas of the skin and prevents the appearance of ulcers.
  2. The use of anti-bedsore mattresses. They will evenly distribute the pressure on the tissues and reduce the likelihood of damage.
  3. Keeping the skin clean and dry. Regular washing and application of body care products will prevent irritation and the development of infection.
  4. Control of nutrition and drinking regime. The patient's diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. You need to make sure that he drinks enough water to moisturize the tissues.
  5. Conducting massage and exercises. Regular exercise therapy and massage treatments will improve blood circulation, as well as strengthen muscles, which helps prevent skin damage.

The use of the cosmetic therapeutic spray EVERS LIFE PRO, designed to prevent the appearance of bedsores, will help to avoid their development until the patient has purchased a special mattress with anti-bedsore properties. The dimexide contained in it removes pain in places where tissues are squeezed by weight. Salicylic acid relieves itching and softens infiltrates.

Compliance with these preventive measures and the use of specialized means prevents the development of pressure sores, as well as creates comfortable conditions for patients prone to their appearance.

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