Acne: what kind of pathology is it, what varieties are isolated, how is it treated
Acne: what kind of pathology is it, what varieties are isolated, how is it treated
фев 19, 2023

It is believed that acne occurs mainly in adolescents. However, acne appears at any age. A fifth of the adult population suffers from it over the age of twenty-five. In young people, acne goes away with age, when they at least minimally take care of the skin.

In adults, the appearance of acne is an indicator of serious problems in the work of the body. It is provoked by a variety of factors. This condition is difficult to treat. Let's look at what types of acne adults have and by what means they are treated.

What is this pathology

Acne or acne is an inflammatory process that affects the sebaceous gland, hair follicle and surrounding tissues. This pathology is attributed to genetically determined skin lesions. At the heart of its development is a disorder of the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The following types of acne are distinguished:

  • Comedones. The formations resemble bumps on the top, which have a black or white dot. Inside they contain a mass of white color. There are no signs of inflammation.
  • Papular-pustular. Bubbles appear on the skin, as well as open and closed comedones. There are pustules in a small amount.
  • Nodal. There are no more than twenty-five pustular elements on the face. There are also comedones here.
  • Conglobate. The lesion looks like a complex of drain cysts and deep inflammatory nodes located under the skin. Inflammation engulfs vast areas of the skin. Drain formations are painful.

Acne does not go away on its own. If it is not treated, the condition of the skin only gets worse.

How to remove acne

Acne treatment is usually complex. All the causes of its formation are affected. It is important to identify and treat the underlying disease that contributes to skin problems. It is advisable to follow a diet. It is necessary to give up sweets, fried, fatty, fast food, smoked and canned foods.

You can contact a beauty salon, which offers a wide range of acne treatments. Medications in this case are used when other methods have not improved the situation. Medications for acne therapy are prescribed by a doctor, he selects the appropriate drugs individually. The following groups of them are used:

  • Sorbents. They are used for complex cleansing of the body. These include Polysorb, activated charcoal and other drugs.
  • Antibacterial gels and ointments. The products have a drying effect and kill pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation on the skin. These include Dalacin, Zinerite and others.
  • Acid-containing preparations. These remedies treat foci of inflammation and remove black dots. They accelerate the peeling of dead epithelium, smooth out the relief of the skin. For this purpose, glycolic, lactic and other acids are used.

As an external remedy for acne treatment has proven itself well talker lotion with zinc. The lotion contains active antimicrobial substances in the form of zinc oxide, salicylic acid and boric acid. The product gently dries the affected areas of the face. The surface of the skin is leveled and its condition is quickly normalized.

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