Eczema: its features and treatment
Eczema: its features and treatment
мар 02, 2023

Eczema is attributed to common pathologies. A tenth of the entire population suffers from this disease in the world. It affects people at any age. In women, the disease is detected more often than in men. Eczema does not belong to the group of infectious diseases that can be infected from a sick person.

The only cause causing the development of this disease has not yet been identified. The appearance of eczema is associated with a genetic predisposition, prolonged exposure to high humidity, exposure to irritating or polluting substances on the skin, as well as a variety of allergens. The pathological process is activated by hormonal changes in the body.

Features of the disease

Eczema is called an inflammatory lesion of the skin. Pathological changes in this disease capture the epidermis and dermis. Eczema affects both the body and the face. The main manifestation of the disease is the appearance of various rashes on the skin. The following rash elements occur on the patient's skin:

  • dark spots;
  • crusts;
  • roughened skin areas with scaly changes;
  • puffiness;
  • redness;
  • bubbles;
  • wetness.

Skin manifestations in this disease are often accompanied by severe itching. It proceeds with characteristic sudden exacerbations and remissions. Symptoms of the disease occur under the influence of some provoking factor.

Treatment of the disease

Methods that completely cure eczema have not yet been developed. For the treatment of this disease, only symptomatic agents are used. They stop the exacerbation, and also prevent the subsequent deterioration of the condition. The therapy program includes the following groups of drugs:

  • softening, moisturizing creams and ointments that reduce itching, dryness, cracking of the skin;
  • calcineurin inhibitors that relieve inflammation;
  • antihistamines are prescribed to reduce itching and other manifestations of the disease;
  • external preparations with steroids to reduce swelling, redness and pain;
  • antibacterial agents that kill pathogens of skin infections.

To reduce the manifestations of eczema, phototherapy is used, where ultraviolet rays have a therapeutic effect.

We offer gel, which effectively restores the skin in the dry form of eczema. It is used in complex therapy. The product is designed to take care of damaged skin. It promotes the healing of cracks and scratches. Irritation, peeling and dryness are eliminated. Relieves itching and burning. The gel activates cellular regeneration.

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