Hemorrhoids: features of symptoms, types of disease and their treatment
Hemorrhoids: features of symptoms, types of disease and their treatment
фев 07, 2023

Hemorrhoids are classified as unpleasant and delicate health problems, which are not accepted to talk about with others. It causes a lot of inconvenience to a person every day. With this ailment, dilated veins appear around the anus in the form of hemorrhoidal nodules.

A patient with hemorrhoids is worried about constant pain in the perineum. He has hemorrhages from hemorrhoids and pronounced itching in the anal area. Now there are many effective drugs for the treatment of pathology at home. But do not treat hemorrhoids yourself. If symptoms appear, it is better to seek medical help. The doctor will conduct an examination and prescribe effective treatment.

Features of the disease

Hemorrhoids are called pathology , in which varicose veins of the rectum occur. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are represented by a feeling of heaviness and pain in the anus. Patients experience itching and burning in the perineum. There is bleeding from varicose veins. Doctors distinguish the following forms of the disease:

  • Internal. With this form of hemorrhoids, varicose nodes occur on the walls of the rectum. They are located under the mucous membrane and are located above the toothed zone of its ampoule. Nodes of the internal type do not manifest themselves for a long time. When the disease decompensates, a bright clinic appears. The patient feels discomfort and burning in the anal area. Tissues swell in this area. The process of defecation is painful. Traces of blood remain on the napkins.
  • External. This form of hemorrhoids is manifested by the presence of venous nodes under the skin and mucous membranes in the area below the passage of the rectal-anal line. Signs of this form appear immediately. There is pain and itching in the perineal area. They appear first when emptying, and then are constantly present.

With neglected forms, there is a loss and infringement of hemorrhoids. The surface of these formations ulcerates and bleeds.


The tactics of therapeutic effects in hemorrhoids are determined by the stage of the disease, the presence of complications and the general condition of the patient. In the initial phase of the internal and external hemorrhoidal process, external remedies are effective – ointments and candles. Medications have the following effect on tissues:

  • Painkillers. The composition of the funds contains local anesthetics.
  • Anticoagulant. Medications block thrombosis and prevent blood clotting.
  • Anti-inflammatory. The drugs relieve inflammatory phenomena in hemorrhoids and tissues that are nearby.
  • Hemostatic. The funds stop bleeding from nodular formations.
  • Immunomodulatory. The drugs activate tissue immunity. Tissues have increased resistance to infection.

In advanced forms, patients are prescribed general therapy in the form of venotonics and angioprotectors, and hemorrhoidal ties are surgically removed.

Our company has recently developed napkins with therapeutic impregnation, necessary for the prevention of hemorrhoids. They are designed to carry out careful and hygienic care of the anal area.

A special therapeutic impregnation based on chitosan accelerates the healing of damage. Aminocaproic acid stops bleeding. Lidocaine removes pain and itching. Chlorhexidine disinfects the skin.

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