Hyperkeratosis: what forms of the disease exist, how they are treated
Hyperkeratosis: what forms of the disease exist, how they are treated
мар 10, 2023

Keratoses are a group of non-inflammatory dermatological diseases characterized by a disorder of keratinization of the epidermis. People suffering from this disease form foci of roughened skin on the surface of the limbs and body. Often keratosis areas occur on the skin of the palms and soles, since there are no sebaceous glands. The causes of this disorder are diverse, and its clinical manifestations depend on the form of keratosis.

Types of disease

Keratosis is mainly formed in areas that are constantly exposed to irritation and mechanical stress. Often the affected areas are located on the elbows, knees and heels. Less often they occur on the face and head. The following types of this pathology are distinguished:

  • actinic – occurs when excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • palmar and plantar – formed in areas exposed to constant friction and pressure;
  • follicular – accelerated keratinization is combined with inflammation of hair follicles;
  • seborrheic – represented by hyperpigmented plaques that are covered with scales;
  • senile – occurs in elderly people on the entire surface of the face and body.

Patients have a thickening of the skin on the affected areas, which is covered with dry scales or crusts. They are beige or brown in color. With hyperkeratosis, the function of the sebaceous glands decreases. The water-lipid barrier of the skin is broken. She's losing her sensitivity.

Treatment of the disorder

Hyperkeratosis does not go away on its own. With this disease, you need to consult a dermatologist. The following drugs are used to treat the disease:

  • softening ointments;
  • acitretin;
  • ointment with calcipotriol;
  • creams containing urea or fluorouracil.

To get rid of keratosis areas, chemical and laser peeling procedures are performed. Keratomas are removed by radiosurgical methods, as well as by cryodestruction. Surgically get rid of corns and corns.

Our company produces gel to soften the skin with hyperkeratosis. It cleanses the affected skin from keratinized cells and restores them. The remedy relieves irritation, removes peeling and itching. It accelerates cellular regeneration.

The gel forms a breathable film that provides the necessary conditions for the healing of damaged skin. It prevents the appearance of new areas of damage on the skin.

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