Ugly scars on the skin: why they develop, how to prevent them or make them less noticeable
Ugly scars on the skin: why they develop, how to prevent them or make them less noticeable
янв 30, 2023

Scars don't adorn anyone. They especially spoil the appearance of a person when they are located on open areas of the body. Scarring on the skin is almost everyone. The reasons for their formation are diverse. Scars appear after operations, various skin injuries. Traces remain after suffering from smallpox or chickenpox.

Women have stretch marks during pregnancy. All these formations are referred to as atrophic scars. To make them noticeable, a variety of external medicines are used. There are also drugs that prevent the formation of scars. Let's consider what these formations are, how to get rid of them.

What is a scar, why is it formed

A skin scar is a newly formed connective tissue that has appeared in a place where there is a deep skin defect with a destroyed dermal layer. This formation is formed during wounds, burns, ulceration and after inflammatory processes. In most cases, the scar does not bother a person in any way.

Sometimes it causes discomfort in the form of pain, burning or itching. In some people, lumpy, thick scars form at the site of injury or surgical incision. They worsen the appearance. They are easily damaged by seams and folds of clothing. These formations cause a person mental discomfort. Rough scars can limit the amount of movement in the limb if they are located in the joint area.

The wound healing process and the quality of the scar forming are influenced by general and local causes. Local factors include:

  • intensity of blood supply to tissues at the edges of the wound;
  • contamination of the wound surface;
  • direction of damage;
  • presence of hematoma;
  • ongoing tissue injury;
  • the quality and quantity of suture material applied to the edges of the wound.

Age plays a significant role. In young people, soft tissue injuries heal faster. In older people, regeneration is worse, which affects the quality of the scar. The healing of damage is affected by the state of the immune system, the presence of chronic human diseases and other factors.

Methods of scar treatment

Treatment of scars on the skin requires long-term course use of drugs. Choose the appropriate group of funds based on the type of injury. The choice is still determined by the duration of the defect and the depth of tissue damage. Medications for the treatment of scars are divided into the following groups:

  1. Means for the prevention of scars. They are used to disinfect the surface. The drugs help restore the normal structure of the skin. They reduce the intensity of inflammation and accelerate healing.
  2. Means for resorption of fresh scar. The drugs work on newly formed scar tissue. They accelerate cellular regeneration and enhance microcirculation in tissues. The synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers is activated.
  3. Preparations for smoothing old scars. These drugs have a complex mechanism of action.

The effect on the tissues of external medicines perfectly complements the use of physiotherapy.

Our company produces a liquid cosmetic application that prevents the formation of scars and scars. The remedy reduces the excessive growth of scar tissue. It reduces redness, itching, tightening sensation. The effect of applications normalizes the process of skin epithelization without scarring.

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