Fainting condition: what is typical for him, how to help the victim
Fainting condition: what is typical for him, how to help the victim
апр 25, 2023

Summer heat and stuffiness will come soon. At this time, many people overheat in stuffy rooms and are in conditions of lack of oxygen. In such conditions, they often lose consciousness. They develop a fainting condition. Sudden loss of consciousness requires immediate first aid to a person.

All people need to know what to do in this situation. A person can be brought to his senses in this state quite quickly. But this does not mean that the disorder is safe for the body. Let's consider what a fainting is. Let's find out what needs to be done to help the victim.

What is this state

Fainting is called temporary loss of consciousness, which is caused by a transient insufficiency of blood supply to the brain. The condition is accompanied by a sharp decrease in muscle tone, which leads to a fall of a person. He cannot stay in a standing position, as there is a sharp relaxation of the muscles. The development of a fainting condition is preceded by:

  • feeling of lack of air;
  • feeling sick;
  • sweating;
  • weakness;
  • tinnitus;
  • tingling in the body;
  • dizziness;
  • fog in front of my eyes.

After the attack, there comes a recovery period, during which a person feels weak and dizzy.

First aid for fainting

When the victim fell and lost consciousness, you need to do the following to help him:

  1. A person is laid on a flat surface. It is necessary to increase the blood flow to the vessels of the brain. To do this, a person's legs are lifted by placing clothes rolled up in a roller under them. You need to unbutton your shirt collar, take off your scarf or tie.
  2. Fresh air is provided to the room. Determine the pulse rate and respiration.
  3. The victim's head is turned sideways to avoid tongue entrapment and aspiration of vomit entering the respiratory tract during vomiting.
  4. We need to call an ambulance. During her waiting, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the victim.

It is possible to prevent the development of fainting with the help of timely application Evers Life wipes designed to stimulate breathing. It is designed to provide first aid to patients with loss of consciousness.

The napkin is impregnated with ammonia and packed in an individual package. The agent acts with the help of ammonia vapors, which are released from the material. They restore consciousness to a person by irritating the nasal mucosa. An individual package with a napkin is easily opened, which allows it to be used quickly if necessary.

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