Aerogel Hitokol ® is being tested at the "Kommunarka" medical complex
Aerogel Hitokol ® is being tested at the "Kommunarka" medical complex
апр 19, 2023

Our holding has started pilot testing of a remedy for the treatment of superficial and deep wounds Hitocol ® .

Testing is carried out on the basis of the Moscow multidisciplinary clinical center "Kommunarka". More than 20 patients take part in it.

"It is already possible to talk about the positive effect of aerogel on the condition of patients. We see a good dynamics of wound healing by the fifth day of application: the observed have a decrease in bleeding and soreness, the size of the damaged surfaces in most also show a tendency to decrease against the background of ongoing therapy," said Kamil Dalgatov, head of the oncology department No. 2 of the MMCC "Kommunarka".

The product is produced in the form of an aerogel with regenerating collagen embedded in the molecular structure, antimicrobial and analgesic drugs. Upon contact with the wound, the substance turns into a gel and creates optimal conditions for its healing.

The story is in the news on NTV.

After successful completion of the tests, the drug can become a reliable alternative to foreign analogues.

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