Event on the prevention and treatment of bedsores for social workers
Event on the prevention and treatment of bedsores for social workers
мар 31, 2023

On March 29, a productive meeting with social workers took place in the city of Khimki near Moscow. The event is organized within the framework of the Palliative Patient School and is dedicated to the topic of patient care and the prevention of bedsores. The meeting was held with the support of Evers Group Rus and the Public Relations Department of the Palliative Care Coordination Center of the Moscow region, the lecture part was conducted by Nikita O. Somov, a surgeon.

The doctor stressed that the problem of bedsores is multidisciplinary and concerns not only surgeons, nurses, social workers, but also a number of other specialists of related specialties. He told about the division of pressure sores into two types: external and internal. If the usual localization of external ones is a place where there is practically no fat layer (feet, ankles, knees, sacrum, and even nose and ear), then internal ones can appear inside due to various features of the body, as well as mechanical interventions.

In addition, bedsores, like any other disease, are characterized by risk factors. The main causes of the appearance of wounds are age over 65, smoking, non–compliance with diet, as well as the presence of varicose veins. The doctor cited official statistics that women suffer from varicose veins 30 times more often than men, therefore, they have a higher chance of having bedsores. At the end of the event, the surgeon summed up his speech with a story about how to prevent the appearance of bedsores. The first sign of the development of the disease is severe redness of the skin. In this case, you should be especially vigilant. After that, the doctor showed by the example of clinical cases from his practice what long-term ignoring of such wounds can lead to.

The meeting aroused great interest among social workers. The fact is that they may encounter bedsores not only at their work, but also in everyday life. Moreover, the topic is really very important and relevant.

Recall that the Evers Group Rus line includes several modern products for skin care and treatment of already formed bedsores.

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