Prevention of scarring on the skin: what measures will help prevent their appearance
Prevention of scarring on the skin: what measures will help prevent their appearance
сен 03, 2023

Scars don't adorn anyone. They cause a person not only aesthetic problems when they are located on visible parts of the body. Scars also restrict movement in the joints if they are located directly above them. The functioning of the articular joints is disrupted due to skin tightening, pain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

From ugly scars can be easily removed now. To solve this problem, modern cosmetology offers more and more effective techniques, but such procedures are not cheap. Therefore, it is better not to wait until rough scars form, and then spend a lot of money to smooth the skin. It is much more profitable to carry out prevention even during the treatment of wounds, until undesirable consequences occur.

Why do scars form on the skin

When the skin is damaged, the body begins the healing process in the injured area. The wound is closed by special fibroblast cells that produce collagen. It serves as the main component of the dermis, and also helps the skin to become strong and elastic.

Scars arise due to the fact that when a wound heals, new tissue forms on the surface of the skin, which is denser than the surrounding healthy tissues. During the healing process, too many collagen fibers are formed, and they are also distributed imperfectly.

This leads to the fact that a visible defect remains at the site of damage. Factors that may affect the formation of scars are as follows:

  • depth and location of the wound;
  • patient's age;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the quality of wound treatment.

The wound healing process is also accompanied by tissue inflammation, which can lead to the appearance of coarser and more noticeable scars. Pigmentation or other skin changes may occur as a result of injury or infection.

What is the prevention of scars

To minimize the possibility of the appearance of ugly scars, they combine high-quality care for the damaged area, as well as the use of preventive measures that prevent the formation of scar tissue. Then most of the scars become less noticeable over time.

To prevent the formation of scars, there are several ways that will help improve their appearance:

  • Early access to medical care. The sooner you see a doctor, the more chances of successful wound healing without scarring.
  • Treat the wound thoroughly. After receiving an injury or surgery, it is important to treat the damaged area correctly. This will help prevent infection and speed up the healing process. Use antiseptics and bandages recommended by your doctor.
  • Sun protection. UV rays can aggravate the visibility of scars. Therefore, protect injured tissues from the sun.
  • Eat healthy. Eating a sufficient amount of easily digestible protein accelerates the healing process.
  • The use of medicines. Doctors often recommend the use of special medications in the form of gels, creams or patches. They prevent the formation of scars and accelerate the healing of wounds.

WE offer to use the unique cosmetic application, which helps to prevent the appearance of scars on the skin. This remedy effectively combats the excessive growth of scar tissue, reduces redness, itching and the feeling of tightening. Thanks to this action, the skin becomes smoother and healthier.

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