Cohesive self—fixing bandages - new generation dressings
Cohesive self—fixing bandages - new generation dressings
авг 09, 2020

Cohesion refers to such a physical phenomenon as the ability of identical molecules and atoms to attract each other. The cohesiveness of the object ensures its strength and resistance to external influences. It is the cohesiveness of modern dressings, which have replaced the usual gauze bandages, that ensures their high functionality.

Standard gauze bandages have been used in medicine for many decades as a first aid tool for fixing cotton wool and napkins. But they could not be applied independently — for a high-quality dressing, the help of another person was required. Gauze refers to inelastic materials, so bandaging a wound in the absence of professional skills was considered a problematic task. In addition, at the end of the dressing, the bandage had to be cut and tied.

The improvement of technologies for the production of medical devices has led to the fact that the sensation of the market of dressings became self-locking cohesive bandages, which can be easily used and changed independently. The principle of their operation is based on the ability of the material to firmly adhere to its own surface when applying parts of the bandage to each other. The seamless fabric has high elasticity, which allows it to be used on any parts of the body. When bandaging, each subsequent layer fits snugly to the previous one, firmly fixing on it. Bandages do not require the use of scissors, easily coming off in the right place.

Also in the list of the main advantages of cohesive bandages:

  • environmental friendliness of the fabric and its breathability;
  • resistance to getting wet;
  • adhesion only to its base, no sticking to skin, hair and clothing;
  • economy — a couple of revolutions is enough for reliable fixation.

Cohesive bandages are most often made of flesh color, which is hardly noticeable on the skin and does not attract attention. They are widely used by athletes as support for injuries, sprains of ligaments and tendons. Cohesive bandages are available in different lengths and widths, as well as in several shades, which allows for sports activities to match them to the color of clothing. The durable processing of the edges of such products does not allow them to bloom and lose their qualities during operation. Using cohesive self-fixing bandages, you can be sure of the quality of the dressing.