Burn injuries: what are their features, what first aid should be provided to the victim
Burn injuries: what are their features, what first aid should be provided to the victim
дек 18, 2022

The burn of the skin and underlying soft tissues is attributed to one of the most common types of all types of injuries. People get this lesion in home and field conditions when they do not observe precautions when working with fire or hot surfaces.

Burns often occur in workers at work when they do not comply with safety regulations. With this type of injury, you need to act immediately to reduce the area of the lesion. Everyone needs to know how to provide first aid to people with burn injuries. Let's find out how to do it correctly.

Degrees of burn lesions

Burns are called tissue damage caused by exposure to high temperature. They still develop if chemicals (alkalis, acids and others) get on the skin or mucous membranes, as well as when exposed to radiation or electric current. How the burn is treated in the victim depends on the degree of damage.

All types of burn injuries are divided into stages. based on the depth of tissue damage and their clinical manifestations. The following degrees of lesion are distinguished:

  1. First. The surface layers of the skin are affected. There is redness and swelling. There are moderate pain sensations.
  2. The second. The deeper layers of the skin were exposed to destructive effects. There is redness, intense pain, swelling. After a while, bubbles appear on the skin.
  3. Third. In addition to the dermis, subcutaneous fat is affected. Charring is formed on the burned areas of the body. The respiratory function and nervous system suffer.

At home, it is possible to treat burn injuries of the first and second degree. With more severe thermal lesions of the skin, the victims need hospitalization.

Features of first aid for burns

The victim of burn injuries should be treated immediately at the scene. First, it is necessary to stop thermal or other effects that lead to damage to the tissues of the victim. Then the clothes that come into contact with the injured surface of the body are removed.

Doctors forbid to carry out mechanical treatment of a burn wound on their own. It is not necessary to remove the stuck fabric, plastic and other materials from the victim's body. They only need to be cut around the damaged area. It is forbidden to open bubbles.

The burned surface of the body is cooled for ten minutes under running water immediately after the injury. This reduces the level of overheating and counteracts the deepening of damage. Cooling removes tissue swelling and reduces pain.

The victim is given painkillers and antihistamines. He is given mineral water without gas, if there is no vomiting. An effective anti-burn agent "EversLife-SP" can be applied to the wound. It is an anti-burn agent with a bactericidal, wound healing, analgesic effect. Be sure to call an ambulance to the victim or take him to the emergency room.

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