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The patch is transparent for fixing catheters and closing wounds

The patch is a combined product that includes a fixing part based on a transparent polyurethane film with an adhesive layer and a frame made of siliconized paper.

Benefits of the patch

  1. The frame made of siliconized paper allows you to work with the patch while wearing medical gloves without creasing the product itself or sticking to the gloves.
  2. Fixes well on the skin, preventing its damage.
  3. Protects closed surgical incisions.
  4. It has a paper strip with an adhesive layer to indicate the time of catheter installation (wound closure).
  5. Waterproof, vapor permeable.
  6. Modeled on any surface of the body, regardless of the complexity of the terrain.
  7. Convenient and easy to use.


  • reliable fixation of permanent and intravenous catheters, cannulas and other medical devices;
  • closure of postoperative wounds, burns, bedsores, donor sites, abrasions, etc.;
  • covering wounds with bandages (in combination with Chitocol®, EversLife-gel, etc.);
  • protection of radiation therapy labels.

Method of application

  1. Open the individual packaging along the cut line.
  2. Remove the patch and remove the protective siliconized paper.
  3. Apply the patch to the installation site of catheters, cannulas and other medical devices (or to a postoperative suture or bandage).
  4. Press firmly to secure evenly.
  5. Remove the frame around the perimeter of the patch, after first removing from it the tear-off paper strip with an adhesive layer, intended to indicate the time of application of the patch.
  6. Place the tear strip on the patch itself.
  7. The recommended time for the product to remain on the skin is 5 to 7 days.
  8. Remove the patch and treat the skin area. chlorhexidine wipe.
Sterility Sterile
Release form
Amount in a package
Best before date 5 years

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