Medical fixing plaster, non-sterile

Used for fixing compresses, tampons, bulky and tight-fitting postoperative dressings and coverings. Used for catheters, cannulas, probes, tubes, endotracheal or throat tubes, other medical devices and post-operative and wound surfaces that require reliable fixation.

Hypoallergenic fixing plaster in a roll made of white non-woven material with hypoallergenic synthetic glue.

The fixing part with the adhesive layer is protected by siliconized paper and a zigzag cut.


  • The patch does not interfere with blood circulation and does not limit freedom of movement.
  • Soft hypoallergenic material does not cause maceration of the skin.
  • High levels of air and vapor permeability.
  • Easy and convenient separation of the paper layer from the base.
  • Reliable fixation on the skin, elastic material, does not peel off when exposed to moisture.
  • Provides continuous fixation of bandages over large surfaces of the body.
  • It fits tightly and follows the shape of moving parts of the body with complex terrain (knee, axillary area, shoulder, etc.).
  • Does not come off and does not move when moving.
  • It is easily and painlessly removed, does not injure the skin and leaves no traces of the adhesive layer on the skin.
  • Stretches in the transverse direction.
Size 5 cm x 10 m; 10 cm x 10 m; 15 cm x 10 m
Purpose It is used for fixing compresses, tampons, volumetric and tightly fitting postoperative dressings and coatings.
Features Stretches in the transverse direction.

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