Bactericidal bandages

Wound dressings are used for primary and primary delayed treatment of wounds, prevention of secondary infection of wounds with hospital strains of microorganisms (injuries of soft and bone tissues, burns, purulent wounds).

Amount in a package

The basis of the bactericidal dressing is an absorbent pad made of an innovative material, which is impregnated with an antibacterial solution of Benzalkonium Chloride under industrial conditions. Benzalkonium chloride exhibits fungicidal activity against fungi and bactericidal activity against some gram-negative (Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Proteus and others) and gram-positive (including streptococci, staphylococci) microorganisms during the circulation of wound exudate.

Thus, the infected wound is cleaned and infection is prevented without the use of drugs. The absorbent capacity of the pillow is 850 g/m2, the layer of the pillow in contact with the wound has an atraumatic structure and excludes secondary injury to the wound during dressing.

The materials used in the manufacture of the bactericidal dressing provide wound protection for 24 hours, which is in line with modern wound care techniques, and ensures patient comfort. Dressings are sterilized by the radiation method, are produced in individual packaging.

The undoubted advantage of a bactericidal dressing is its sterility and one-time use, which creates favorable conditions for constant readiness for use, simplifies the dressing procedure, and saves dressing material. Being a product of modern high technologies, plaster dressings are made of hypoallergenic materials with increased air / vapor permeability, which do not interfere with the normal course of the wound process; are firmly fixed to the skin, leaving no traces of irritation; ideally repeat the natural contour of the body at the place of application; do not limit the range of motion and do not shift.

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The use of ready-to-use, sterile, individually wrapped atraumatic wound dressings will greatly facilitate wound care.

Sterility Sterile
Colour White
Purpose For closing infected granulating and postoperative wounds
Amount in a package 10 / 25 dressings per box
Release form 10 dressings in a box
Corresponds TU 9393-005-52707619-2006
Best before date 3 years

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