Plaster roll

Self-adhesive tape in various designs: fabric, polymer and silk bases. Fixes easily and tightly. The hypoallergenic patch is suitable for use in patients with both normal and sensitive skin.

Used for continuous fixation of all types of dressings on postoperative and wound surfaces (including large ones), complex dressings on joints, moving and round parts of the body; for securing catheters, tubes and other medical devices. Recommended for use in patients undergoing radiation therapy.

The adhesive layer is suitable for normal and sensitive skin, without causing irritation when using the patch-bandage, it adheres well and is easily distributed at the site of application.

The patch does not interfere with blood circulation, does not limit freedom of movement, fits tightly and follows the shape of moving parts of the body with complex terrain (knee, axillary area, shoulder, etc.), does not come off and does not move during movement. The assortment line allows you to select the size of the patch for fixation on areas of skin of different sizes, depending on the size of the bandage. The base of the adhesive plaster has optimal characteristics of strength, elasticity and softness, which ensures comfortable use. Suitable for long-term wearing. It is removed easily, painlessly, without injuring the skin and leaving no traces of an adhesive layer on the skin.

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Compositions Fabric base, hypoallergenic glue
Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose For fixing dressings or fixing medical devices.
Amount in a package 1 PC.
Release form Coil in a box
Corresponds TU 9393-004-01716953-2017
Best before date 5 years

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