Patch-type dressings with superabsorbent

In the last decade, many ideas about local wound treatment have been revised; significant progress has been observed in the development and production of dressings. According to modern concepts, an adhesive dressing should be selected not only based on the type and characteristics of the wound, but also be convenient to use and ensure a high quality of life for the patient.

Amount in a package

Currently, most practical surgeons do not doubt that a modern wound plaster used for treatment should:

  • irreversibly remove detritus, microbial particles and excess exudate;
  • protect the wound from drying out;
  • stimulate reparative processes in the wound;
  • protect the wound from mechanical influences,
  • chemical irritation and secondary infection;
  • do not interfere with blood circulation and oxygenation of the wound edges;
  • do not have adhesive properties;
  • the dressing should be comfortable for the patient.

A wound plaster is a combined product that includes a fixing part based on a non-woven fabric with an adhesive layer, and an absorbent pad made of non-woven material. The material used to make the bandage allows the skin to “breathe”, and the hypoallergenic glue does not leave marks and allows you to change the bandage easily and painlessly.

The basis of the superabsorbent dressing is an absorbent pad made of innovative material. The pillow absorbs and retains large amounts of wound exudate. The absorbency of the pillow is 1300 g/m2; the dressing has no analogues in terms of sorption capacity. The layer of the cushion in contact with the wound has an atraumatic structure and ensures non-sticking to the wound. Dressings with superabsorbent are used for primary and initial-delayed treatment of wounds, prevention of secondary infection of wounds by hospital strains of microorganisms (soft and bone tissue injuries, burns, purulent wounds).

The dressings are sterilized by radiation and are produced in individual packaging.

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Sterility Sterile
Colour White
Purpose For dressing of postoperative wounds, for sterile treatment of wounds.
Amount in a package 10/25
Release form 10 / 25 dressings per box
Corresponds TU 9393-005-52707619-2006
Best before date 3 years

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