Plaster for fixing catheters №100

Fixing bandage with an absorbent pad with a slit in the middle (catheter patch) is used for secure fixation of indwelling and intravenous catheters, cannulas and other medical devices. The fixing medical plaster is intended for patients with normal and sensitive skin.

The patch for fixing catheters has a non-woven base, which is perforated, durable, soft, air and vapor permeable, does not cause skin maceration under the bandage, does not leave marks on the skin, and can be easily and painlessly removed. The plaster adheres snugly to the wound and holds well. This product does not contain latex.

The catheter patch has a special notch for the needle, thanks to which the dressing can be applied quickly and easily.

It has an absorbent (absorbent) pad 2.5 x 2.5 cm. The patch for fixing catheters 8 x 6 cm has an individual sterile package. The basis of the non-woven material is elastic, which allows modeling the application of a bandage on the surface of the body, regardless of the complexity of the relief. The absorbent layer does an excellent job of removing exudate, leaving the catheter insertion site dry and clean. You can be sure that the cannula will not fall out, stay in place, without shifts.

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Compositions Non-woven fabric with absorbent pad.
Sterility Sterile
Colour White
Size 8 x 6 cm
Material non-woven
moisture resistance Not
Type of fixation self-adhesive
Amount in a package 100 pieces.

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