Bactericidal moisture resistant adhesive plaster HELP

Polymer-based medical bactericidal adhesive plaster with chlorohexidine bigluconate.


The polymer base protects the wound from moisture. Bactericidal pad with chlorhexidine bigluconate. The hypoallergenic adhesive coating ensures reliable fixation of the patches and does not irritate sensitive skin. They are removed without pain and leave no marks.

Purpose: used as an external dressing for skin damage: scratches, cuts, abrasions.

Compositions Polymer base, hypoallergenic glue, atraumatic non-woven pad with antiseptic impregnation - chlorhexidine bigluconate, protective coating - siliconized paper.
Sterility non-sterile
Colour Bodily
Purpose For superficial skin lesions
Release form 20 strips of adhesive tape in a box
Amount in a package 20 pcs.
Corresponds TU 212024-001-01716953-2016
Best before date 5 years

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