Liquid aerosol bandage "Pentazol" (spray)

Purpose: provision of first aid for injuries in children and adults. Treatment of burns, cuts, abrasions, wet calluses, aseptic surgical wounds, cracks, trophic ulcers, bedsores.

Suitable for skin care of patients in the early stages of epidermolysis bullosa.

Reducing pain on the wound surface due to the cooling effect. Protection of postoperative wounds from nosocomial infection.

  • Ease of use and speed of action.
  • Compact sizes.
  • Ease of transportation and storage.
  • The ability to observe the condition of the wound surface and the stage of healing due to the formation of a transparent film.

Areas of application: in outpatient departments, at home, while traveling.

Features of the composition: hypoallergenic. Thanks to the organosilicon compound included in the composition, which has no analogues in nature, it does not cause an immune response in the body. Has a cooling effect.

Operating principle: forms a waterproof, breathable film on the surface of the wound, protects the wound surface from contamination and mechanical damage.

Volume 50 ml
Possible side effects Perhaps short-term redness, burning, decreased sensitivity at the time of applying the bandage. The product is biologically safe.

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