Adhesive operating film

Antimicrobial sterile film with povidone-iodine for closing the surgical field before and during surgical procedures in order to isolate and protect against secondary infection of the wound, incision or puncture and the skin around them.

Today, more and more time is being devoted to the problem of combating microorganisms at the stage of surgical intervention. Among hospital-acquired infections, the share of post-operative infections accounts for about a quarter of the total, which increases the number of deaths among patients.

Significant risk factors may be insufficient treatment of the surgical field and bacterial infection of the surgical wound. The highest quality treatment of the surgical field is the most important measure aimed at preventing the occurrence of infections before and after operations.

Presentation - Adhesive operating room film with povidone-iodine 2024

Antimicrobial films with povidone-iodine protect the surgical field both during and after surgical procedures. Iodine in combination with the synthetic polymer povidone has a high antimicrobial effect, showing equally effective activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Completely kills within a minute even those microorganisms that most often provoke nosocomial infections, being resistant to antibacterial drugs. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory activity is effective not only against bacteria, but also against the patient’s immune response to inflammation.

The use of povidone-iodine in sterile adhesive isolating films contributes to high performance in the niche of combating hospital-acquired infections.

Operating films:

  • isolate and protect the wound, as well as the skin around it, from secondary infection, ensuring complete sterilization of the surgical field;
  • prevent the migration of microorganisms;
  • provide strong fixation of the lining material;
  • do not come off during even the longest operations.

The adhesive non-woven base of povidone-iodine antibacterial films ensures that lint and fibers do not enter the wound. The film can be used by medical personnel to additionally protect the skin surface from infection if gloves are damaged. Sterile films with povidone-iodine are also effective on the injection field - when installing catheters, drains, external fixation devices, and other devices.

The use of films to cover the surgical field allows not only to avoid the risk of infection, but also to reduce the number of possible allergic reactions to the dressing material. Preventing the occurrence of nosocomial infections using protective films significantly reduces the financial costs of patient treatment.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open the individual packaging, unfold the film.
  2. Wash and disinfect the skin where the film is applied.
  3. Apply the film to the skin at the surgical site, removing the protective covering as you apply the film.
  4. Press the film firmly so that it adheres evenly to the skin.
  5. Remove the film after completing surgical procedures.

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Compositions Fixing base made of transparent polyurethane film, acrylate adhesive containing povidone-iodine.
Sterility Sterile
Size 45 x 60 cm
Amount in a package 1 PC.
Mode of application Cut the package with scissors
Disposal Used products according to SanPiN, as class B waste; unused products - with household waste.
Contraindications Allergic reaction to product components
Corresponds TU 32.50.50-001-15886239-2018
Best before date 3 years

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