Sterile alcohol wipe Evers Life

Sterile pre-injection alcohol wipes TM Evers Life are made of dense, soft non-woven material impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The napkin is plentifully impregnated with alcohol and sterile. It is used to disinfect the skin before injections, as well as to treat medical instruments. The individual packaging of the napkin is easy to open by hand. The packaging is made of a dense multilayer material, which prevents the napkin from drying out and guarantees its sterility during the entire shelf life.

The main purpose of injection wipes is to ensure sterility during injections. The size of the wipes is 40 mm x 40 mm, which guarantees ease of use and optimal surface treatment of the skin. Due to the fact that the composition of the impregnation used in the manufacturing process includes powerful antiseptics, alcohol pre-injection wipes can also be used as a first aid for cuts, abrasions and minor skin injuries in the home / field.

The material used is a dense and soft non-woven fabric with excellent hygroscopicity. Modern technologies allow to achieve better results in the effectiveness of pre-injection wipes. As an antiseptic impregnation, 70% isopropyl alcohol is used, which has high disinfection rates.

The effectiveness and versatility of alcohol wipes allows them to be used in specialized medical institutions, as well as to include them in a home or car first-aid kit.

Alcohol wipes should be used as follows:

  • Carefully open the multi-layer packaging, remove the tissue;
  • Carefully treat the patient's skin at the injection site, as well as the instrument;
  • Products are disposable, after use, the used napkin should be discarded.

Benefits of TM Evers life alcohol wipes

  • The best disinfection efficiency indicators;
  • Absolute hygiene and sterility;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Ease of use;
  • Improved indicators of hygroscopicity;

To the attention of professionals . A few years ago, cotton "balls" were used to treat the skin, which were moistened with alcohol before injection. It took a long time to make and sterilize them. Today they have been replaced by alcohol wipes - effective and easy to use.

The quality of an alcohol wipe is determined by a number of parameters:

  • The material from which the napkin is made. TM Evers Life napkins 4 cm x 4 cm use a dense and soft non-woven material “SPUNLACE” with a density of 120 g/sq.m. Such material is hygroscopic, retains a large amount of alcohol. This allows you to quickly and efficiently disinfect the skin or medical instruments.
  • Impregnation. A quality wipe contains a sufficient amount of alcohol.
  • The quality of individual packaging. The packaging must be airtight, preventing the alcohol from drying out or violating the sterility of the napkin. The packaging must be easy to open by hand.

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Compositions Non-woven fabric, isopropyl alcohol 70%
Sterility Sterile
Colour White
Purpose For disinfection of skin, medical instruments
Amount in a package 10/500
Release form Non-woven napkin in a sachet
Corresponds TU 9393-004-52707619-2006
Best before date 5 years.

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