Napkin with ammonia to stimulate breathing Evers Life

The napkin is a base made of non-woven fabric measuring 3x6 cm, impregnated with a 10% ammonia solution, individually packaged from a combined material. It is used in cases of fainting as a respiratory stimulant, acting due to ammonia gas released from the napkin by irritating the nasal mucosa.

The breathing stimulation wipe is a one-time use product. The use of a combined material for individual packaging ensures easy opening and long-term storage of the napkin (for 3 years).

Thanks to its compact format, the napkin is convenient to have with you in any circumstances. Easily fits into any bag or pocket.

Indications for using a napkin to stimulate breathing:

  • Complete set of first aid kits (household, automobile);
  • Completing first aid kits for ambulance crews;
  • Equipment for medical and health institutions of all types (inpatient, outpatient, first-aid posts at educational, industrial and commercial institutions);
  • Intended use in field conditions;
  • In disaster medicine.

Approved for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of RU No. RZN 2013/847 dated July 16. 2013.

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Compositions Non-woven fabric, ammonia solution 10%
Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose To stimulate breathing
Release form Non-woven napkin in a sachet
Amount in a package 150
Corresponds TU 9393-008-14959781-2014
Best before date 3 years

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