Napkin with ammonia to stimulate breathing Evers Life

The napkin is a base made of non-woven fabric 3x6 cm in size, impregnated with a 10% ammonia solution, individually packaged from a combined material. It is used in fainting conditions as a breath-stimulating agent that acts due to ammonia gas released from a napkin by irritating the nasal mucosa.

The respiratory pad is a single use product. The use of the combined material of individual packaging ensures easy opening and long-term storage of the napkin (for 3 years).

Thanks to the compact format, the napkin is convenient to have with you in any circumstances. Easily fits into any bag and pocket.

Indications for the use of wipes to stimulate breathing:

  • Complete set of first aid kits (household, automobile);
  • Complete set of first-aid kits for ambulance crews;
  • Equipping medical and recreational institutions of all types (inpatient, outpatient, first-aid posts at educational, industrial and commercial institutions);
  • Target use in the field;
  • in disaster medicine.

Approved for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of RU No. RZN 2013/847 dated 16.07. year 2013.

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Compositions Non-woven fabric, ammonia solution 10%
Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose To stimulate breathing
Release form Non-woven napkin in a sachet
Amount in a package 150
Corresponds TU 9393-008-14959781-2014
Best before date 3 years.

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