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Master class "Algorithm of application of "Hitocol" in the treatment of wounds. How to apply a bandage correctly."

Dear friends! To your attention, a master class with clear and simple instructions on how to work with the Litokol(K) wound coating used to treat wounds. The process of working with various wounds is shown in a very clear and visual form: purulent chronic, trophic ulcer, bedsore.

You will learn what are the features of the treated composition of the wound coating, how to properly apply a bandage with Chitocol(R), correctly fix it and change it, what are the nuances in the process of wound care on the way to its healing.

Webinar "Teamwork of a doctor and a nurse in the management of the Russian Academy of Sciences".

The purpose of the webinar — to form knowledge and skills on the organization of high-quality medical care and a favorable environment that contributes to improving the quality of life of a patient with a chronic wound, through effective interaction between a doctor and a nurse.

Lecturers: Vladimirova Oksana Vladimirovna, Surgeon, Associate Professor of the Department of General Surgery of Stavropol State Medical University, PhD, Head of the Department of International Activities and Marketing of StSMU Olga Igorevna Gervas, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, head of the simulation center of the NOCHU DPO "Higher Medical School".

Bedsores. How will we treat it?

We present to your attention the program "How we will treat". Our topic is devoted to bedsores – a very difficult problem that few people know about until they directly encounter it.

Moreover, bedsores can form completely in any person, regardless of age. It is extremely important to follow preventive measures and adhere to simple rules regarding lifestyle. It is very important to be able to identify the problem in time and take the necessary measures, choose the right therapy.

A remedy for the treatment of wounds Hitocol

CHITOKOL is intended for the treatment of infected wounds of various depths (from superficial to deep), such as abrasions, cuts, bruised and lacerated wounds, trophic ulcers and bedsores, burns of II-III degree of various etiologies, as well as to accelerate the epithelization of foci of erosions and ulcers on the skin; for temporary closure after surgical treatment of burn wounds III degree in order to prepare for autodermoplasty.

This remedy can be used at all stages of the wound process, as well as with sluggish long-term non-healing wounds of various etiologies.