Shoe covers medical disposable Evers Life

Shoe covers are disposable worn over street shoes, and thus prevent the spread of street dirt in the premises. Today, disposable shoe covers are actively used by patients and visitors of all medical institutions to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

Amount in a package

Shoe covers medical low disposable non-sterile, made of high-quality low-pressure polyethylene. They have high wear resistance. The welded-in elastic band is provided for a secure fit on the shoe. At the edges, the elastic band is fixed using spunbond. When the shoe covers are stretched transversely, the elastic band does not tear and does not crawl out from under the fold of the film during use. Type of fastening of an elastic band - machine. The weld seam is uniform along the entire contour, without holes.

Shoe covers polyethylene TM Evers Life are made of durable, abrasion-resistant polyethylene. Along with group packaging of 50 pairs, boot covers are also packaged in 5 pairs in Zip-Lock plastic bags for retail sale in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Compositions Low-pressure polyethylene
Sterility non-sterile
Colour Blue
Purpose To protect against dirt
Amount in a package 5 pieces / 50 pieces
Release form Zip package
Corresponds TU 9398-001-89972233-2016
Best before date 5 years.

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