Bandages cohesive self-fixing

Self-fixing bandages are a convenient modern dressing material that provides reliable fixation for a long time. The bandage does not stick to skin, hair and clothing, does not cause irritation and does not require tying due to the special structure of the bandage surface, which allows the subsequent layer to cling to the previous one.


The cohesive (self-fixing) bandage is functional and easy to use. It is used for reliable fixation of all types of bandages, especially on joints and parts of the body that have a cone-shaped or rounded shape.

Its advantage over other bandages is that each subsequent layer clings to the previous one, using the “Velcro” principle, eliminating the need for tying. The self-fixing bandage does not fall off, as it does not have a cut edge. Due to its elasticity, the bandage maintains joint mobility, does not stretch or slip, and provides gentle pressure on the wound and reliable fixation of the bandage.

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Compositions Cotton-42%; viscose-29%; polyamide-latex - 29%
Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose For fixing dressings of all kinds, especially on joints, as well as on parts of the body that have a conical or rounded shape.
Elasticity High
Release form Roll
Type of fixation self-locking
Amount in a package 1 PC.
Type of packaging Individual
Best before date 4 years 11 months

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