Medical gauze bandages HELP

TM HELP bandages are made of high-quality gauze of increased density 36 g/m2 in strict accordance with GOST 1172-93.

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These gauze bandages are highly durable and hygroscopic. Gauze bandages are intended for fixation and bandaging, as well as to protect the wound from contamination and mechanical influences. Three-layer material is used for packaging, which does not lose its tightness and presentation even during long-term transportation.

Our recommendations.
Each home has its own home first aid kit, which allows you to quickly deal with emergency situations and provide first aid. Add TM HELP bandage to your first aid kit and in any unusual situation, you will be able to provide first aid to yourself and your loved ones. If wound dressing is required, choose TM HELP dressing products, and you will see how fast and effective wound treatment can be.

Attention buyers.
Thick gauze can provide the best strength to bandages and make them very absorbent or hygroscopic. Such products are economical and easy to use because they allow you to use less material when dressing. They do not tear, do not deform, and do not fall apart into separate threads. That is why when purchasing dressings you should give preference only to high-quality products.

Compositions Medical gauze 36 g/m²
Sterility Sterile / non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose For applying and fixing bandages
Release form Bandage in individual packaging
Amount in a package 1 PC.
Corresponds GOST 1172-93
Best before date 5 years - sterile / unlimited - non-sterile.

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