Cotton wool "ZIG-ZAG" HELP

Cotton wool addition "ZIG-ZAG" is the most convenient to use. Made from 100% cotton fibers, without foreign impurities, in accordance with GOST 5556-81.

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High quality cotton wool, bleached without chlorine. Perfect for use in medical, hygienic and cosmetic purposes. Ideal for removing make-up, as well as caring for delicate baby skin.

Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic. The high quality of the comb eliminates the presence of knots. A three-layer material is used for packing cotton wool, which ensures perfect strength, tightness of the seam and complete impermeability to bacteria.

Our recommendations.
Each house has its own first-aid kit, which allows you to quickly deal with emergencies and provide first aid. Add a pack of TM HELP cotton wool to your first aid kit, and in any non-standard situation you will be able to provide first aid to yourself and your loved ones. If wound dressing is required, choose TM HELP dressings and you will see how fast and effective wound healing can be.

Attention buyers.
The quality of cotton wool can be judged by its appearance. High-quality cotton wool is white, cotton must be clean, without impurities (threads, lumps, litter), odorless. The comb of the fiber should be even, without knots. Good cotton wool should be easy to unwind from a roll into a tape (for example, for making dressings, compresses, etc.). If the roll of cotton wool is wound too tightly, such cotton wool is inconvenient to use. An important property of cotton wool is its high hygroscopicity (absorption), as well as chemical purity.

Compositions Cotton 100%
Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Purpose For use in hygienic and cosmetic purposes.
Release form Cotton wool in a bag
Amount in a package 1
Corresponds GOST 5556-81
Best before date 6 years.

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