• Angel

    Angel Products

    Angel are dressings that greatly facilitate the treatment of wounds, burns, injuries and fractures. Each wound requires an individual approach and it is very important to choose the right dressing material.


    Angel Products

    Our company offers a wide range of dressings that are suitable for all types of wounds and take into account all the features of treatment.

    EVERS MED are innovative dressings designed for a personalized approach to wound care. Each wound is unique and requires special attention, so choosing the right dressing material is extremely important.

  • Evers-Life


    We are confident that by producing " Evers-Life " products, we are improving the quality of life in our country.

    Why do we name our products like that? Human life and health are inseparable concepts. The quality of human life is broader than material security (standard of living), and also includes such objective and subjective factors as:
    • health status;
    • life expectancy;
    • environmental conditions;
    • food;
    • household comfort;
    • social environment;
    • satisfaction of cultural and spiritual needs;
    • psychological comfort, etc.
    Improving the quality of life is a national idea in many countries, since health is a synthetic indicator of the quality of life.

  • Help

    HELP is a Russian brand of high quality dressings

    HELP is a Russian brand of high quality dressings. This is a Russian production, equipped with the most modern equipment, with a full cycle of processing cotton into medical gauze, cotton wool and ready-made dressings.

  • Optimelle

    The main activity is the production of medical products.