Children's three-layer masks (50 pieces)

Three-layer medical face masks TM Evers Life, with a nose clip, with elastic bands, non-sterile. The mask consists of three layers: an outer (protective), filtering layer and an inner layer of soft hypoallergenic material to prevent skin irritation.

Amount in a package


Medical masks are necessary to protect a person from germs, viruses, microorganisms and bacteria in the air. Masks are one of the most affordable types of personal protection.

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Sterility non-sterile
Colour White
Size 9.5 x 14.5 cm
Purpose For external closure of the nasal and oral cavity in order to prevent external infection of a person and transmission of infection from the patient to the environment.
Amount in a package 5/50
Release form Package
Corresponds TU 9398-011-14959781-2015
Best before date 5 years

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