Sterile gauze wipes Angel

Double-layer medical gauze napkins sterile TM Angel are made of high-quality gauze in accordance with GOST 16427-93.

Amount in a package

Napkins have a high sorption capacity, are tear-resistant, breathable, well modeled on the wound. They prevent the penetration of microorganisms into the wound, absorb the secret of the wound, protect against contamination, are hypoallergenic. They are used for the manufacture of surgical dressings. Three-layer material is used for packaging. The inner layer of polyethylene ensures perfect tightness of the seam. The outer layer of polypropylene gives the package strength and complete impermeability to bacteria.

Compositions Medical gauze 32 g/m²
Sterility Sterile
Colour White
Purpose For application to the wound, including with medicines.
Release form Napkin
Amount in a package 5 pieces / 10 pieces / 20 pieces (depending on the size).
Corresponds GOST 16427-93
Best before date 5 years

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