About the company

The industrial holding Evers Group Rus is a manufacturer of innovative and traditional medical products, is among the leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises market.

Modern production, advanced technologies, a large team and many years of experience help us to create a product that is designed to make people's lives more comfortable.

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Interview with the CEO
Borodina Alice Anatolyevna

About the products

As practice shows, in the group of consumable medical and hygienic products, dressings are in the lead, which are in demand not only in equipping specialized medical institutions, but also indispensable when providing assistance at home.

We produce high-quality, professional products designed for the closure and treatment of wounds in specialized and home conditions, providing the proper level of sterility, guaranteeing reliable protection of wounds of any type and severity for a speedy recovery. The company produces more than 200 names of medical devices registered accordingly by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Healthcare, which is an additional guarantee of quality and compliance with international standards. All products can be tested in independent laboratories, which will be an additional guarantee of their quality.

The products are represented by the following brands:

Our advantages

Large assortment – sterile gauze bandages and napkins, as well as bandages, pre-treated with specialized formulations, wipes for stopping bleeding and providing emergency care for various injuries, injection wipes, fixing bandages, disposable masks, napkins for stimulating breathing, plasters for fixing boats.

We have many years of practical experience in the production of various types of medical devices, for example, using functional impregnations that minimize pain in burns, wounds, having hemostatic properties.

A large selection of related products intended for household use – gauze cuts, disposable masks, shoe covers, gloves, etc.

Thanks to cooperation with scientific organizations, we plan to introduce new products and developments to Russian doctors and consumers every year.