Our retail partners

Comprehensive equipment of medical institutions with consumables from leading world and Russian manufacturers, promotion and introduction of new technologies in medical practice, training of medical personnel.

Production of first aid products, formation and delivery of first aid kits.

Wholesale supplies of medicines, medical devices, and care products.

Distribution of medicines and medical devices.

Wholesale supplies of medical devices, consumables, medical devices, first aid kits, etc.

The official distributor of the largest domestic and foreign manufacturers of medicines, dietary supplements, medical products.

Sale of medicines, medical devices and parapharmaceutical products to pharmacies and medical institutions.

Supply and purchase of medicines, warehouse storage.

Supplies of medicines, medical equipment, medical supplies and other products for government and commercial institutions.

A multidisciplinary full-cycle clinic, including an outpatient department, a hospital and specialized urban centers.

Federal retail Company, includes pharmacies operating in the format from discounters to pharmaceutical markets.

Официальный дилер крупнейших производителей медицинского оборудования и расходных материалов.

A Russian export-oriented company that supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products to the markets of far and near abroad countries.

Wholesale supplies of medical supplies.

Supplier of consumables for medicine and the beauty industry.

Pharmaceutical distributor of medicines, biologically active additives, medical devices.